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Terms Of Use
A) Virtual Patients
The responses to your questions provided by participating dental professionals is for general information only. A diagnosis must be made in an actual office setting. Opinions may vary and you should seek the advice of a competent, licensed dental professional in your area and consider a second opinion if your situation is complex. The website does not take responsibility for any damages/problems/complications that arise from the information received from this site or from individuals/Smile Experts/dental professionals associated with the Rate Your Smile program. It is your responsibility to decide if the information provided is suitable for you and you have no obligation to visit the dental professional who responds to your query. Dental applicants are not screened to verify their competence or their current standing with their licensing body.

Please do not post photos or videos of an inappropriate nature.

B) Dental Professionals
Applicants pledge that they are licensed in their geographic area to provide dental services. They are expected to offer suggestions for treatment on a general level only and may offer a in-office consultation (fees may vary). A diagnosis is not possible without an actual examination and therefore you need to use care in your responses. Attempt to offer several alternatives if possible and simply ignore any posted questions that do not appear to be appropriate. Further terms may be detailed for members and may change without notice. The website is not responsible for any losses/damages/problems associated with participating in this program.

Email Policy
We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission. Information submitted to us is only available to employees managing this information for purposes of contacting you or sending you emails based on your request for information and to contracted service providers for purposes of providing services relating to our communications with you.

Smile Expert
The term smile expert does not imply a dental specialty. Members may be general dentists and dental specialists.